Harsco Showcases Abrasive Line at Coatings Event


Global market leader of environmental solutions for industrial and specialty waste streams Harsco Corporation has launched a new line of abrasive materials under its Black Beauty brand within the Harsco Environmental Reed Minerals division.

The newly enhanced and environmentally friendly line of blasting abrasives, dubbed Sure/Cut, were recently highlighted at the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) Coatings+ Conference at the Phoenix Convention Center, from Dec. 13- 15, 2021.

Abrasive Introduction

Back in June, Harsco announced that it had launched an innovative abrasive material to the surface preparation market. The Sure/Cut abrasives have reportedly been backed by research, development and testing in numerous field trials.

In addition, the new abrasives have been proven to provide customers with faster cutting solutions and associated cost savings. Productivity and test results also revealed:

  • Consumption rate reductions of up to 30%;
  • Faster cutting rates producing up to 50% less time on the job; and
  • Reduction in cost per square foot of overhead and material expenditures.

For applications, Harsco reports that Sure/Cut can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including removal of surface coatings such as rust, paint and scale from a variety of substrates, especially structural steel and concrete. These structures include bridges, ships, water tanks, offshore drilling rigs, oil field equipment, pipelines, marine equipment, railcars and steel machinery.

“We are excited about the opportunity to build our current Black Beauty product lines and provide a better value to the customer with a lower consumption rate and faster cutting capability, resulting in less time on the job,” said Greg Andersen, General Manager of Reed Minerals, at the time of the abrasive’s reveal.

“The new Sure/Cut product line is the future of the blasting and roofing industry with longevity in product availability, consistency of quality and a superior end result, as well as several environmental advantages.”

At the time of the product announcement, Harsco detailed two new abrasives under the Sure/Cut line:

  • Sure/Cut Edge: an enhanced nickel abrasive media, featuring lower consumption rates and dust generation to comparative nickel products, as well as low heavy metal and crystalline silica content. (This abrasive is also noted to provide cost savings benefits related to usage rate.); and
  • Sure/Cut Velocity: an enhanced calcium-iron silicate abrasive media, providing superior cleaning rate, consumption rate and quality of the finished product on a variety of substrates and coatings.

Industry Response

In following up from AMPP’s Coatings+ show, PaintSquare Daily News spoke with Harsco Corporation’s Global Marketing Manager, Jonathan Bernard, about the industry’s response to Sure/Cut and where the company is headed next in terms of environmentally friendly abrasives.

According to Bernard, one of the best aspects of the conference was being able to speak to customers one-on-one about the finer details of the Sure/Cut line, how it relates to Black Beauty and the overall business.

“The general feedback, because some customers were already familiar with it, was very, very positive,” said Bernard, adding that many were already looking to get access to these new materials.

As the industry evolves, however, concerns have continued to rise over abrasive effectiveness, worker safety and environmental impacts. Due to these increased concerns, Harsco felt that it was time to redefine the next generation of performance abrasives and start having discussions with industry professionals about what might be the most effective option for their projects.

“Black Beauty, it’s been a brand for over 90 years now in the abrasive media industry,” Bernard continued. “It’s the highest performing traditional slag material that’s out there. But, at the same time, we felt as though some of the results and the impact that these particular products in the Sure/Cut line were impactful in a number of other ways.”

When talking about how the new line differs from Black Beauty, Bernard noted on the line’s environmental considerations for both workers and the environment, elevated performance and lower consumption.

“The Sure/Cut line just provides a whole new level of expectation,” said Bernard.

On the topic of supply chain issues, Bernard added that while everyone in the industry continues to experience logistical problems, the supply of Sure/Cut line of abrasives is not an issue as the products are created within the nation so that the company can better leverage resources to service its customers.

In looking to the future of abrasive media, Bernard added that this was just the beginning for Sure/Cut and that Harsco was planning to introduce more solutions-focused innovations and support for the industry.

“We’re putting in the infrastructure to not only support and continue to evolve these product lines, but also come out with new and innovative ones as well. We’re not stopping here, this is just the foundation,” concluded Bernard.


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