New Product Announcement: Blasting Machines

TUESDAY, MAY 4, 2021

In an emailed press release, blasting and cleaning equipment maker Gritco BV introduced its latest smallest and largest blasting machine developments: the MiniPro-Basic and Bulk Series.

“As a result, our blasting machine family is now more extensive than ever before. With the MiniPro-Basic and Bulk Series, Gritco can provide a ‘perfect fit’ custom answer to every blasting need, large or small,” wrote the company.

The MiniPro-Basic Blast Pot is designed as a compact, economical but professional alternative for less than full time blasting use and is often used for “basic” blasting work like rust and paint removal. However, due to its pressure setting and abrasive metering, the MiniPro-Basic can also be deployed for more delicate work.

The machine features easy adjustable abrasive amount settings and reduced dust by wet/vapor blasting possibilities. Other qualities include wear resistant metering valve handles all abrasives, a separate decompression valve and is completely safe according to European Directive PED 2014/68/EU.

As for the Gritco’s Bulk Series, the machine boasts a 500-liter tank, although the capacity can be improved even further placing the pot under a silo or fit the machine with a framework containing abrasive big-bags. When fitted with “independently controlled multiple abrasive outlets,” the Bulk Series is reported to be well-suited for use with two or three blaster or in/as (semi) automatic systems.

The company also highlights the machine’s ability to be easily filled with the filling hopper and self-closing bronze filling cone, reduced dust by wet/vapor blasting possibilities and fast decompression by the two decompression valves with double silencers.

Like the MiniPro, Bulk Series also has wear resistant metering valve handles all abrasives (also steel grits, fine aluminum oxide, etc.), wear discs in decompression valves for extended maintenance intervals, spray painted, galvanized and non-ferrous fittings, and is completely safe according to European Directive 2014/68/EU.


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