Nouryon Introduces New Polymer System


Last month, specialty chemicals company Nouryon introduced its latest polymer system for advance water treatment, LumaTreat. The polymer line is reportedly a global patent-pending smart-tagged product that intends to be revolutionary in the water management industry.

“LumaTreat products are fluorescent monomers that attach on a deposit control agent,” wrote Nouryon. “The combination of the fluorescent monomer and deposit control polymer provide a Smart Tag that accurately measures the ‘free’ or unused polymer in the water treatment system.”

Traditionally, the industry has used pyrenetetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt (PTSA) in water treatment formulations, however, the PTSA is an inert fluorescent tracer that only provides an estimate of how much formulation is in the water.

In swapping the PTSA for LumaTreat, Nouryon reports that customers will more accurately be able to measure “free polymer” in the system, reducing the amount of polymer and water usage during the treatment process. The coatings application both minimizes polymer consumption and conserves water.

The new polymer line is also reported to prevent calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and other deposits that, over time, produce scale deposits.

“LumaTreat polymers contain high-purity (or active level) tagged monomers that provide accurate measurement of the free polymer and the amount of stress on the water treatment system,” said John Anderson, Sales & Marketing Leader, Industrial Specialties at Nouryon. “LumaTreat optimizes polymer and water usage under everyday conditions while preventing scaling during system disruptions, such as hot spots, pH pump failure or changing water conditions.”

Additional advantages of the polymer line is that it uses the same fluorimeters found in PTSA technology so that water treaters can use their existing equipment.

“This eliminates capital expenditure and ensures formulation costs won’t change significantly,” said Anderson.

Currently, Nouryon’s patent applications are published as International Publication Number WO2020/243176 and WO2020/243180, with LumaTreat being the first of three patent-pending compositions the company intends to introduce.

Nouryon is working in partnership with customers on additional versions to be introduced later.

“We’re really proud of the Nouryon team that has worked on this scientific breakthrough leading to a pending patent,” said Larry Ryan, Nouryon’s Executive Vice President and President, Performance Formulations and the Americas. “This innovation not only benefits the environment but also helps reduce costs for our customers. That’s a great win for everyone.”


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