AkzoNobel Has Fun with MoodPaint Release


Recently, scientists employed at global coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel (Amsterdam) announced that they had developed a first-of-its-kind paint that shifts color with your mood. The "new product" was announced on April 1, also known as April Fool’s Day.

According to the company release, the coating works by “lifting your spirits when you feel down, boosting your creativity when you feel bored and energizing you when you’re ready to celebrate.”

In cracking the code to MoodPaint, experts from AkzoNobel point to the use of biomimicry, a unique formulation that contains modified thermotropic liquid crystals that respond to pheromones given off by people nearby. Scientists explained that as the crystals move, they absorb and reflect different wavelengths of light, resulting in a paint that changes color in real time.

“Adding new and improved functionality to our paints and coatings is a priority when it comes to innovation,” said Safir Pollo, AkzoNobel’s Managing Director Color Innovation. “MoodPaint opens up a whole world of possibilities for adaptive coatings. All the colors you need to create a colorful space that’s always right for the occasion are contained in just one can of paint.”

When first applied, the coating appears as a smooth, eggshell white, however, within hours the MoodPaint is activated, seamlessly shifting color whenever people are present. AkzoNobel notes that the color-changing paint could help people find more balance at home, as well as in common public spaces.

“Research has long shown the effect color can have on human emotion and behavior,” said Joke Crabbe, Color Scientist at AkzoNobel. “Soft blues can have a calming effect, energizing yellows can stimulate your appetite, grounding neutrals like our Color of the Year 2021 Brave Ground make you feel more comfortable. Now you don’t have to choose just one color for your space—with MoodPaint, your walls will always follow your lead.”


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