New Product Announcement: Rotation Atomizers


Global manufacturer of surface coating equipment and systems, Wagner Group, recently announced that it has added special variants to its existing range of high-speed rotation atomizers with external charging for the processing of water-based paints.

The company notes that the high-speed rotary atomizers can be used in various industrial sectors for both small and large workpieces.

New Products

To date, Wagner’s Topfinish Bell 1S and Topfinish RobotBell 1 are equally well suited as all-round units for water-based and solvent-based coatings. Both models are currently available as variant with external charge and have been specially developed for demanding applications with water-based paints.

In breaking down how the external charge of the coating material is decisive, Wagner explained that the high voltage emitted via the electrode ring ionizes the ambient air in such a way that the sprayed material is charged, causing the grounded workpiece to be electrostatically coated.

Specifically, the equipment is capable of spray pattern variations ranging between 70-800 mm. Alternative disk sizes and adjustable steering airs are also available and can be adapted to suit the respective workpiece geometry and also the material used.

The bell disk have an internal and external flushing device, as well as the direct disposal of excess material via a drain valve, to ensure both short color change times and fast cycle times in highly automated coating applications.

Comparing this method of charging to internal charging, the external charging is noted to have a considerable advantage in that the overall system doesn’t have to be specially insulated for use with water-based coatings and ultimately ensures a safe coating process. The advantages also reduce the equipment costs for water-based coating applications.

In addition to this new method of charging the equipment, Wagner has also extended its range of high-speed rotation atomizers to serve the growing demand for automated liquid paint applications for the different motion technologies available today. The Topfinish RobotBell 1 ECH is mounted on a robot arm, while the Topfinish Bell 1S ECH is specially designed for use with reciprocators and linear axes systems. The proven RBC 1E control system is available for both versions.

Depending on the material, flow rate and workpiece, an application efficiency of over 80% can be achieved thanks to the very fine atomization. Compressed air consumption is around 20% lower with all Wagner high-speed rotary atomizers than with comparable products.


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