CORROSION 2021 Takes the Virtual Stage


For NACE International’s 75th annual conference and exhibition, CORROSION 2021 will take to the virtual stage as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, bringing industry professionals together through their screens for a full two weeks, from April 19-30.

Despite restraints on in-person events, the virtual conference is still slated to feature a series of technical symposia, forums, committee meetings, an online exhibition and other virtual events related to corrosion mitigation and prevention. Attendees include corrosion engineers, scientists, researchers, technicians, asset owners, inspectors, contractors and other corrosion industry professionals.

To better connect attendees with events, exhibitors and buyers more easily, CORROSION 2021 will be utilizing a series of Artificial Intelligence matchmaking tools. The AI features are reported to recommend sessions based on each registrant’s unique profile and program schedule. Additionally, the AI features are also programmed to automatically adapt to each user’s time zone, so that attendees can better plan their schedules around the variety of conference offerings. Group chats on specific topics will be made available as well, allowing registrants to easily engage with other attendees and peers.

CORROSION 2021 is also highlighting its Professional Development Hours, which can be earned by attending various technical meetings, forums, symposia and workshops, among other types of conference events. Attendees will be able to request personalized PDH certificates online at The certificates are based solely on the information provided to NACE at the time of printing.

Content from the virtual event will be made available in an “on demand” format for six months (Oct. 31) after the conclusion of the conference and will accessible using a NACE profile.

The following is a sampling of the protective-coatings-related sessions and events scheduled to take place. For more information, including the complete CORROSION 2021 advance program, visit

Corrosive Chronicles

While not being experienced on a traditional exhibit hall floor, the Corrosive Chronicles and “Legacy” Materials Performance Innovation Sessions plan to feature interactive corrosion-related forums from industry experts and AMPP staff, as well as the annual CoatingsPro Contractor Awards presentation ceremony.

Sunday, April 18

  • “Certification: The Why and How,” presented by Kari Hodge, Sr. Manager of Credential Development and Psychometrics, AMPP (This presentation is also taking place on Wednesday, April 21)

Tuesday, April 20

  • “Corrosion Control and Ecosystems Enhancement for Offshore Monopiles,” presented by Monica M. Maher and Geoff Swain, Center for Corrosion and Biofouling Control, Florida Institute of Technology Corrosion

Wednesday, April 21

  • “Leveraging Water Repellency Technology to Mitigate Corrosion Under Insulation Challenges,” presented by Ricky Seto, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation

Tuesday, April 27

  • “Shifting the Paradigm of Protective Materials Design Via Self-Healing Functionality,” presented by Gerald O. Wilson, Autonomic Materials, Inc.

Wednesday, April 28

  • CoatingsPro Contractor Awards Program
  • “Benefits of Coatings Contractor Certification for Owners and Contractors,” presented by Sam Scaturro (contractor), Ken Jaros (NJ American Water) and Jim Kunkle, AMPP.


Each year, the CORROSION symposia comprise formal technical presentations on recent or ongoing research by authors representing a wide range of corrosion industry sectors, including students. Session times and specific presentations are listed on the official website.

Monday, April 19

  • Coatings, Composites and Elastomers Used in Oil and Gas Piping Systems:
    • Chemical Inertness, Reproducibility And Coke Deposition For Coated And Non-Coated AISI 347 Tubes
    • Preparing Steel Surfaces For Thick-Film Intumescent Fireproofing
    • Term Performance of a Subsea Wet Insulation Material at 180 °C Continuous Operation Temperature
    • Compatibility of Polymers Exposed to Heating Oil Blends With 10% and 20% Biodiesel (FAME)
    • Development of Novel Epoxy Closed-Cell Foam for Piping Thermal Insulation and Corrosion Protection
    • Pipeline Coating Corrosion, Understanding Testing and UV Degradation of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings
    • Study Of 100% Solid Liquid Epoxy Pipeline Coatings In Low Temperature Application: Curing Reaction V
    • Overview Of Latest Advances In Understanding The Limited Ability Of Fusion Bonded Epoxy To Stop Corr

Wednesday, April 21

  • Advances in Materials for Oil and Gas Production:
    • On The Corrosion Of Commercial Coatings, Surface Treatments, And Carbides For Servicing Equipment Op
  • Corrosion and Logistic Challenges Associated with Hydrotesting and Mothballing:
    • Successful Mothballing and Pickling Of Pipelines And Storage Tanks

Friday, April 23

  • Solid Particle Erosion and Erosion-Corrosion:
    • Study Of Solid Particle Erosion And Electrochemical Behavior Of Graphene Enriched Ni-P Coatings
  • Thermal and Cold Spray Coatings:
    • Corrosion Behavior of Solution Precursor Plasma-Sprayed TiO2/Al2O3 Composite Coatings for Heat Exchange
    • Corrosion Protection Of API 5L Steel By Cold Spray Zinc Alloy Coatings In Simulated Natural Gas Pipe
    • Investigations Of Corrosion Protection Of Natural Gas Pipeline Steel By Al Sacrificial Corrosion Coatings
    • Protecting Steel Structures From Corrosion With Thermal Sprayed Zinc Duplex Coatings
  • Top of Line Corrosion
    • Prediction And Mitigation Of Top Of Line Corrosion Risk Due To Damages In External Pipeline Coating

Monday, April 26

  • Oil & Gas Coating Technology:
    • Modified Cathodic Disbondment Test Methods for Comparing the Performance of HPPC and FBE Coatings
    • Comparative Evaluation of Four Viscoelastic Materials for Coating Patch Repairs
    • Suspension Plasma Spray of TiO2, CuO and Fe3O4 Coatings And Their Corrosion Behavior
    • Qualification and Application of Linings for Aboveground Storage Tanks
    • Friction Reduction Coatings For Carbonate Scale Mitigation: A Comparison Of Materials Technologies
    • Durability Of Fluoropolymer Top Coat Systems Related To Standards
    • Isocyanate Free Water Repellent Top Coat For Offshore Corrosion Protection
    • Decontamination Chemicals For Offshore Maintenance Coating
    • Multi-Functional New Coating System For Extending The Life Time Of Onshore And Offshore Infrastructure
    • Factors On Tank Lining For Corrosion Prevention
    • Third Generation Polysiloxane CUI Coatings And Sprayable Insulation For Hot, Cold And Cyclic Service
  • Atmospheric Corrosion of Structural Materials:
    • Equivalent Circuit Model Fitting in Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) for Protective Coatings
    • Polyurethane/f-Oil Fly Ash-ZnO Atmospheric Corrosion Protective Coating
    • Study for Quantification Method of Coating Degradation Mode Due to Outdoor Environmental Factors
    • Predictive Coating Condition Model For Coating Lifetime Under Environmental And Mechanical Stressors
    • Offshore Atmospheric Coating Performance Evaluation Test Standards - NACE Vs. ISO

Wednesday, April 28

  • Nanotechnology in Coatings:
    • Effect Of Graphene Incorporation On Erosion-Corrosion Performance Of Electroless Ni-P Coatings
    • Graphene Enhanced Anticorrosive Performance Of A Waterbased Epoxy Coating
  • Marine Corrosion: Innovative Approaches for Maintaining the Functionality and Integrity of Marine Structures:
    • Subsequent Mounting Of Brackets To Coated And Uncoated Surfaces Using Adhesives

Thursday, April 29

  • Inhibitors - Vapor Transported (VCI) and Surface Coated Rust Preventative (RP):
    • Analyses Methodologies For In-Situ Corrosion Monitoring Of Tank Bottom Plate Corrosion

Friday, April 30

  • Corrosion Issues in Military Equipment and Facilities:
    • Evaluation Of Coating Protection Against Environmental Assisted Cracking Of Aluminum Alloys


NACE forums gather industry leaders for informal panel discussions and Q&A sessions focusing on the different issues affecting corrosion mitigation professionals.

Monday, April 19

  • “Premature Coating Failures - Common and Uncommon Causes & How to Investigate Coating Failures When T…” presented by Mike O'Brien, Mark 10 Resource Group, Inc.

Friday, April 23

  • “Thermal and Cold Spray Coatings- Processes, Applications and Challenges,” presented by Shiladitya Paul, TWI; James Weber, James K. Weber Consulting LLC; Frank Prenger, Grillo-Werke; and Dave Harvey, TWI.

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