New Product Announcement: Spray Paint Robot


Construction, AI and robotics company, Ascend Build, recently announced a new spray paint robot.

Created by Cambridge MIT engineers, RENZO is a precision-guided mobile system that can be used at both commercial and industrial construction sites.

RENZO weights approximately 275 pounds and can spray up to 2,000 square feet per hour. The robotic system also incorporates laser alignment and safety technology for safe jobsite interactions. RENZO can work up to eight hours using its rechargeable batteries.

The company reports that RENZO has a 10-foot arm reach, can extend to more than 50 feet high and has a 360-degree wrist motion. RENZO can also move through doorways, provide exact spray overlap and accurate spray performance within one-eighth of an inch, the company says.

Ascend Build notes that other benefits of RENZO include:

  • Introductory pricing for first time customers;
  • Lower W/C insurance and claim costs; and
  • Keeps workers out of hazardous environments;

RENZO is available on a project-by-project basis and includes a technician. Ascend adds that no capital investment is required to reserve RENZO and that contractors will be provided with price proposals for specific projects.


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