WJTA Launches Hydroblasting Cert Program

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020

Last week, the WaterJet Technology Association announced via press release that it had partnered with the Houston Area Safety Council to create a new field verification training and certification program for safe and standardized hydroblasting operations.

The Hydroblaster Operator Training and Certification Program is based on WJTA’s Industry Best Practices for the Use of High-Pressure Waterjetting Equipment, which has been used as the industry’s primary reference since the mid-1980s.

About the Program

Created to provide entry-level instruction for new operators, as well as address the industry’s need for a universal training system, the program is reported to include both classroom and hands-on instruction across all cleaning methods.

According to WJTA’s press release, the training program is offered through a series of hands-on and computer-based training modules, including:

  • Foundational Training – computer-based training module with comprehensive test covering introductory high-pressure safety, available throughout the U.S. through the safety council network and remote delivery options.
  • Field Verification – instruction and skills assessment across manual cleaning methods, led by a WJTA-approved Verified Trainer. (FT is a pre-requisite for FV training.)
  • Verified Trainer – individuals who can deliver FV training following successful completion of WJTA’s Train-the-Trainer course.

In expanding on how the program works, individuals will first complete a three-hour computer-based training module and examination in FT. The module is hosted at the HASC, is available onsite at any safety council in the Association of Reciprocal Safety Council network and is programmed to provide any updates to WJTA’s best practices. Additional delivery solutions for the program are available upon request.

After completing FT, prospective operators can undergo instruction and assessment to gain FV credentials. This course is reported to be just one day long and includes WJTA-approved verified trainer classroom training, hands-on instruction, and hands-on skills assessments. Trainees in this stage of the program will also receive instruction on pre-job inspection, manual shotgunning, flex lancing, rigid lancing and moleing, as well as system setup, inspection and teardown.

“Upon completion of the program, operators can build on their Foundational and Field Verification training to continue gaining expertise and experience in the field under the mentorship of an experienced, accredited supervisor operating in alignment with WJTA’s recommended practices,” according to the association.

WJTA adds that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are current restrictions on the program that limit the ability of WJTA and current Verified Trainers to deliver in-person FV training and train-the-trainer courses. However, WJTA and HASC expect all training delivery to comply with applicable regulations, public health recommendations and social distancing.

For more information on the program, WJTA asks that you contact its association manager, Peter Wright.


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