Cortec Reveals Aircraft Preservation Plan

MONDAY, MAY 11, 2020

Amidst unplanned shutdowns and the uncertainty of a reopening timeline experienced by airlines and aircraft transportation sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, corrosion control technology company, Cortec Corporation, has released an aircraft preservation guide.

Cortec reports that it released the guide to embrace the adage: “Hope for the best. Plan for the worst.” Adding that, although there will be a day where pandemic precautions have ceased, it will still take time for supply and demand sides of the market to synchronize.

To ease this process, the guide uses Cortec’s developed VpCI Technology, which is designed to protect various types of grounded aircraft and inventory materials for a prolonged period of time, requiring minimal efforts to bring back into commission to meet returning market demands.

The protection efforts combat against corrosion, commonly experienced in idle equipment and assts, and more so when these items are exposed to moist, salt-laden air or fluctuating humidity that forms condensation on electrical systems, rotating equipment, hydraulics, bolts, valves and motors, among others.

Under corrosive conditions, undesirable outcomes can include premature equipment failure, unnecessary and non-budgeted repair or replacement costs and delays due to reinstatement of vehicles, plants and equipment.

According to Cortec, the VpCI technology protects assets by directly applying a molecular corrosion-inhibiting layer on metal surfaces, creating a contact-phase protection system. However, the technology also provides a vapor-phase action where corrosion inhibitors are diffused through the air, providing protection to all exposed metal surfaces within a void space, even those to which they are not directly applied.

The technology is reportedly based on the formation of a molecular barrier that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces from oxygen and electrolytes, thus breaking the corrosion cycle. The corrosion protection technology can be applied to all types of equipment, from small electronic components to large oil and gas module piping internals.

Cortec’s full guide, including the preservation of commercial aircraft, airline approved products, certifications and case studies can be found, here.

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