Commercial Graphene Coatings Trial Moves Forward


Global high-tech materials company Talga Resources (West Perth, Western Australia) has recently reported the completion of its second commercial scale graphene coatings trial.

According to Talga, the mineral condones disruptive potential across multiple markets when mass-produced in a cost-effective manner.

About the Research

Having first kicked off in November 2019, Talga commenced the 700-square-meter application of its first commercial-scale trial of the company’s graphene-infused coating on a 33,000-ton container ship as part of advanced testing on the potential product.

The coating hopes to perform as a performance booster for existing commercial marine coatings.

Prior to the commercial application, the coating was tested through in-house development and patent-pending technologies, which translated the graphene into the right mechanical properties needed to incorporate into paint and coating materials.

“The maritime coating sector is a very large market and well suited to use of our Talphene graphene additives for improved environmental and economic outcomes," Talga Managing Director Mark Thompson said. "Additionally, by successfully taking this new product from the laboratory to commercial- scale application on a 33,000-ton ship, being tested across global marine environments, we are showcasing our graphene’s real-world potential as a bulk industrial product.”

Following the application, Talga performed an ASTM prescribed Salt Fog Test (ASTM B117) where steel panels coated with an epoxy primer containing the Talphene additive. Results revealed an improved corrosion protection performance when compared to other current commercial systems. The coating was also given other ASTM standard performance tests for further evaluation.

By the numbers, the primer showed an increased adhesion to the substrate (by ~7%), greater interlayer adhesion to the subsequent (antifouling) coating systems (by ~14%) and consistent improvement in abrasion resistance.

For the first test, periodic inspections are slated to take place for the next 12-18 months.

What’s Happening Now

Talga has been reported to have commenced a second test using the company’s graphene additive in marine coatings. However, reports reveal that this test was conducted differently from the first.

In its second round of testing, the Talcoat product and a two-part epoxy-based commercial coating system were supplied separately and mixed onsite by paint applicators prior to spray applications during dry-docking on the vessel.

Similar in size to the first vessel to be coated, the ship will also be evaluated and given multiple inspections over the next 12-18 months.

“We continue taking graphene out of the lab and into the real world with these large scale coating trials underway on cargo ships," Talga Managing Director Mark Thompson said. "This application joins the other large-scale clean technology product verticals we have been developing for several years such as graphene-enhanced concrete, plastics and packaging products.”


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