ASTM Announces Iron Pipe Corrosion Standard


ASTM International recently announced the publication of a new standard that would help protect iron water pipes against corrosion. ASTM’s corrosion of metals committee worked on the standard.

Organization member Mike Horton, a Senior Process Engineering Manager at U.S. Pipe, noted that there are already a number of standards that focus on coatings and cathodic protection that facilitate pipe protection, but these measures aren’t always applicable to iron pipe.

“The metallurgy, chemistry, physical properties, surface composition and texture, coating requirements, and electrical continuity of standard production ductile iron pipe are significantly different from those of steel pipe,” said Horton.

“The purpose of the new guide is to summarize publications, case histories, and studies available regarding cathodic protection installations of polyethylene encased ductile iron pipe to give users guidance on this unique method of protection.”  

Horton went on to add that the standard could provide basic information that would be of use to entities such as asset owners, corrosion consultants, water companies and others.

Other ASTM News

In February, ASTM announced a new test method, to be published as D8243, that can help detect corrosion-inducing bacteria in water, which allows for faster remediation and lower costs associated with the damage.


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