Company Aims to Prevent Home Flooding

MONDAY, JULY 1, 2019

Global weather system supplier All Weather Industries, in partnership with Philippines-based Scottsdale Corp., have recently launched the Dam Easy Flood Barrier—a innovative tool for preventing flooding in flood-risk homes and buildings.

According to BuisnessWorld, the product is the world’s first off-the-shelf flood defense system able to be easily installed without any fixings.

About the Product

First launched in September 2017 by AWI in Ireland and the United Kingdom, Dam Easy is now sold in 28 countries through 21 distribution partners worldwide, in addition to being available for purchase online.

“Ireland is prone to floods just as neighboring countries in Europe also are. The product is designed to help householders and is better than the traditional sandbag method of preventing floods,” added Dam Easy Asia Pacific President Greg Shenton.

The same year as the initial launch, the Dam Easy Flood Barrier has been a finalist for Flood Resilient and Innovation in Flood Protection Awards at the Global Flood Expo in London.

Designed to prevent flood water up to 600 millimeters (almost 2 feet) high from entering through exterior openings of a home or business, the flood barrier serves as an adjustable product, expanding its widths between 780 mm to 1,100 mm within a single barrier. Additional side panels can also be adjusted through a rachet handle and direction switch, ranging to accommodate various sized doors.

The Dam Easy product also features a patented pneumatic pump action seal around the barrier, where the 20-kilogram barrier can create a watertight seal when inflated by the pump’s handle.

From there, a pressure gauge located on the back of the panel indicates whether the seal has been successfully inflated. Once the product’s use is complete, an air retention valve—what keeps the barrier inflated—has an air release button where the barrier can be deflated and stored away.

“Dam Easy is a unique patented Irish design, being the first barrier with a unique pneumatic seal requiring no tools or fixings or sealant to install," said AWI CEO and co-founder Brian Mooney.

"These barriers which are made of recyclable, high performance and impact-resistant ABS plastic have gone through rigorous certification in Germany.”

In addition to the barrier itself, the company also provides HydroPacks, HydroSacks and HydroSnakes, which are sandless bag solutions intended for low-level flooding. The company also offers a Toilet Dam that can block any width or shape of toilet pan against sewage backflow in the event of a flood.

According to Cheriza Manalang, president of Scottsdale Corporation, says that in terms of the cost, the Dam Easy Flood Barrier is one of the most economical ways of protecting homes.

All barriers are reported to have been individually tank tested and gone through an EVH certification process in Germany.


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