Designs Revealed for Uber Skyports

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2019

At Uber’s third Elevate Summit—an annual immersive event that convenes leaders from across academia, industry, government, policy and technology—16 designs from eight different architecture and engineering partners were revealed for the developing Uber Air skyports.

“With the first launch of Uber Air just a few short years away, this collection of Skyport Mobility Hub concepts establish a practical, sustainable vision for the infrastructure needed in the communities we plan to serve,” Uber Head of Design, Advanced Programs and Aviation, John Badalamenti said in a statement.

With the help of real estate developers, Uber envisions that the skyports will be built on top of parking garages and other underutilized structures.

The Designs

In addition to individual concept descriptions provided below, all proposals include additional space for electric bikes and scooters, charging points and parking spaces for electric vehicle as well as public transport connections.

"These designs represent a synergy of purpose, orchestrating a seamless transition between ground transit like Uber Pool and eVTOL [electric vertical take-off and landing] aircraft on the roof tarmac—all while contributing to the surrounding neighborhood," explained Badalamenti.

Of the designs submitted, eight developments have been spotlighted:

  • Cityspace by Gensler
    • Slated to be located in Los Angeles, Gensler’s Cityspace concept features shopping and dining spaces underneath where Uber Air transportation services will take place. According to Gensler Co-CEO Diane Hoskins, “Gensler’s mission is to create a better world through the power of design, and our Skyports offer an opportunity to shape our cities for tomorrow while creating a more human experience today.”
  • Connect | Evolved by Corgan
    • Corgan’s concept is slated to be built in Dallas and will feature a mixture of restaurants, sport courts, grocery stores, entrepreneurship facilities and other last mile modalities. The concept also takes a sustainable approach and chooses to use solar skin, kinetic energy harnessing flooring and heliostats that will be used to produce and redirect sunlight under through-highways and the flight deck.
  • Arc by SHoP Architects
    • Another facility expected to be built in Los Angeles, the Arc is a greenfield design concept that reflects common airports. However, because the facility plans to provide 72 eVOTL round trips per hour, the roof and platform use integrated photovoltaics to support power demands of the structure.
  • Sky Loft by Pickard Chilton and Arup
    • Pickard’s 3,700-square-meter Sky Loft is planned to serve the city of Melbourne and will feature a landing pad, lounge and various parking areas. Jon Pickard, principal at Pickard Chilton, says that the design delivers, “a compelling and seamless user experience.”
  • SkyPark by Mithun
    • In an attempt to serve as a more community-oriented space, SkyPark features over two acres of public park space. “The park and its trees absorb noise, filter pollution and mitigate urban heat island effect while providing vibrant recreation and social spaces for the community,” said Jason Steiner, partner at Mithum.
  • The Volary by Humphreys & Partners Architects
    • Designed to look like the structure is suspended in the air, this Dallas-based design is constructed of tinted, sound-absorbing Smart Glass that provides a modern style while promoting sustainable energy and functionality. The structure will feature 9,500 square feet of retail space and areas for eVOTL and JUMP operations.
  • Urban Re-Vision by BOKA Powell
    • This Dallas-based concept seeks to achieve the joining of all Uber brands by connecting various eVTOL take offs, landings and parking areas. R Andrew Bennett, principal-in-charge at BOKA Powell said, “The Mobility Hub is not a thing, but rather a place of dynamic energy and integrated connectivity that celebrates the spirit of flight and the freedom to quickly access the important places in one's life.”
  • Dallas Skyport by Beck Group
    • Slated to be built on top of an existing seven-story parking garage, the Dallas Skyport will house a 6,000-square-foot lobby and 2,000-square-foot sky lounge for departing passengers.

According to reports, Uber Air predicts a launch of the eVTOL taxis by 2023.


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