Australia Releases Inorganic Zinc Standard

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2019

Earlier this week, global standards organization Standards Australia (Sydney) issued a new version of "Application Specifications for Coating Systems—Single-Coat Inorganic (Ethyl) Zinc Silicate—Solvent-Borne (AS 4848.1)."

According to Australasian Corrosion Association Inc., engineers, architects and others will simply be able to include a sentence within documents or on drawings without having to write out a full specification.

Of course, to achieve proper corrosion protection and durability, the standard requires quality application and inspections.

Identical to the previous version of the standard (AS 2312), the new version includes three coating systems:

  • IZS1 – 75 microns for most atmospheric applications;
  • IZS4 – 125 microns for severe atmospheres; and
  • HR3 – 50 microns for high-temperature applications.

While previous errors and omissions were corrected as well, the new standard information also includes all necessary surface preparation, application methods and inspection.

However, the standard will remain open for modification if required, particularly in cases such as a detailed project scope or specifying only certain commercial products, where a note can be added or included in the construction specifications.

The new protective single-coat inorganic zinc silicate standard adds the importance of pairing an economic coating system for long-term corrosion protection results on steel structures, as well as the reduction of maintenance expenditures.


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