85-Foot Graffiti Sculpture Set Ablaze for Festival


Artist duo Pichi and Avo—otherwise known as PichiAvo—known for their work that combines classical art with graffiti, recently created an 85-foot sculpture for Valencia’s Fallas Festival.

The multi-day festival takes place every March and reaches its pinnacle at midnight on March 19, when the fallas (the name given to the giant figurines) are set on fire in honor of the feast of St. Joseph. PichiAvo’s sculpture was the centerpiece this year.

“For us, it was like discovering the historical Fallas Festival from inside, from its core,” the artists said in an interview. “It was a moment of pride and satisfaction for both of us, especially when we finally saw our monumental scale sculpture set up in the main City Hall Square of Valencia.”

It reportedly took an entire year to create the falla—titled “Proces Creatiu” (Creative Process). A lightweight wood shell was created and then covered.

Each section of the sculpture was painted separately over the course of several months and eventually assembled in Valencia’s main square.

At the same time as the work on the sculpture was happening, the duo was also working on an exhibition titled Evreka, which runs until May 5 at the Centro del Carmen cultural center in Valencia.

The burning of the PichiAvo sculpture was just one of hundreds of official fires, which take all year to plan, right up to the last minute.

“We spend a lot of time planning for [the last day],” said Julian Rodriguez Muñoz, chief inspector of Valencia's fire service.

“From the 15th we need to inspect all of the 350 fallas. We calculate how each sculpture will burn based on the surface area and materials used, mostly we can tell from experience.”


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