NY Firm Reveals Mirrored Necklace Design


New York City-based architecture firm REX has released the final design for its mirrored Necklace Residence project.

The 43,000-square-foot structure is to accommodate five private family homes—one for the husband and wife who dreamed of building the family-oriented residence, and individual residences for their four children and possible future families­.

The Idea

To bring the dream of “a jewel box for individual lifestyles” to life, REX planned the project with executive architects Andrew Giambertone and AVGA. Through the patriarch’s wishes, the five homes had to be connected within a single building, look as though it has always been apart of the site location and incorporate a ceremonial staircase.

The idea of a domestic residence’s program quickly fell into an organized necklace theme, where the five homes could be enjoyed separately and as one entity. In creating the circular flow, the architecture team and various consultants joined the five homes, which shared two pavilions: an event space and an entertainment area.

An additional second and third tier was also added below the main level, which includes a garage, gym, home cinema, indoor swimming pool, staff area, spa and a wine cellar. In providing these home amenities, the four children’s future homes were also created based upon possible needs and separately designed based on archetypal American houses.

In order to address the task of making the structure appear natural to the future location, decisions were made to have views outward to the Long Island Sound from a high plateau on one side, and that the other half of the structure be consumed within dense old-growth forest, extending horizontally, ultimately creating a treehouse-like effect over a drop-off area.

In combining this residential “Holy Grail” of versatile landscapes, the exterior of the home is wrapped in mirrored glass, causing the structure to essentially disappear into the site.

In combining this residential “Holy Grail” of versatile landscapes, the exterior of the home is wrapped in mirrored glass, causing the structure to essentially disappear into the site.

On the final list of requirements, a ceremonial staircase is to be incorporated within the courtyard garden, tying the family campus together. Lined by a simple cherrywood wall, the ribbon-like staircase is to stand between the entertainment and event pavilions, which will connect the seven upper portions of the homes and below-grade spaces.

The wooden walls of the staircase have also been designed as full-height pivoting panels that may open each individual home up, or close them off when a family requires privacy.

Awards, Recognition and Construction

In the years prior to the design release, the Necklace Residence has been named the recipient of:

  • Global Architecture & Design Awards, Second Place, Housing up to 5 Floors (Concept) category, 2018; and
  • Architect’s Newspaper Best of Design Awards, Honorable Mention, unbuilt residential category, 2017.

Original designs were competed and awarded in 2013. Documents for the construction and site mobilization were announced as completed just last year. And, although the cost of the structure has not been released, construction of the residence is slated for completion by 2021.


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