SSPC Sets Standard for Concrete Coating Texture


SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings announced earlier this week of a new standard for concrete coatings.

SSPC-CTS 1, the Concrete Coating Texture Standard, establishes a classification system for textures of finish coats of applied concrete flooring systems.

SSPC-CTS 1 incudes a written standard for classification of concrete floor coating textures based on the height of the coating texture, and a companion set of plastic comparator coupons to be used as a tactile aid when determining the desired coating texture.

The coupons aim to serve as supplemental to the literature, and when the standard is used in conjunction with the comparators, it establishes a standard terminology that can be used by owners, specifiers and concrete flooring installers to describe various coating surface textures, SSPC said, noting that it is not intended to be used as a compliance verification tool.

The tactile texture comparator set represents different levels of texture of concrete floor coatings, according to SSPC.

Smooth panels were used to prepare the samples, and the coupons are used to assist in determining the degree of coating texture required for a flooring project, to assist in determining when an installed flooring system has excess wear and requires a surface texture refresh and to provide the installation contractor with a tactile representation of the intended coating texture.

SSPC notes that customers are able to order the actual coupons from the marketplace, and a copy of the printed standard will shipped with the coupons. Members are also able to download copies of the PDF at no cost, but will have to purchase the coupons at a discounted rate.

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