Kelly-Moore Reveals 2019 Color Pick, Forecast


Kelly-Moore Paints (San Carolos, Califronia) recently announced the results of its Color of the Year 2019 designer survey, a measure that’s sent to a group of 15,000 interior professionals certified by the American Society of Interior Designers.

This year’s pick is: Peacock Blue.

The company describes this year’s hue as a classic blue with green undertones and calls it a favorite for modern kitchen cabinetry. The company also adds that it can be a good option for interior walls.

“From a psychological perspective, Peacock Blue is a color that can optimize concentration, encourage deep meditation and even improve sleep.” said Mary Lawlor, Manager of Color Marketing.

“The design community’s overwhelming choice of Peacock Blue as COTY 2019 is no surprise, as it’s always a safe bet as a strong neutral that can enhance any room with these powerful qualities.”

The company also unveiled its 2019 Paint Color Forecast earlier this year, noting that this batch of colors reflects a more positive outlook.

“We still see that '70s influence in the palette with the sage, gold and rust; however they have a fresher appearance,” the company notes. “Reds and oranges bounce with vibrancy. Whites and neutrals continue to become warmer.”

The color categories for the forecast include:

  • Red & Orange – Bold, bright and vibrant hues of Chi-Gong, Orange Zest and Chili Sauce;
  • Golden Yellows – Modern nature inspired Sunset Strip, Cozy Cover and Catalina Tile;
  • Aqua, Navy and Teal – Deep blues with green influences including Soft Blue, Beach Cottage, Peacock Blue and Theatre Dress;
  • Sage & Grayed Greens – Ranging from light to dark and muted to neutral, this group includes Wasabi Zing, Inviting Veranda, Distant Thunder and Old School;
  • Purples – Also with a tint of gray, hues of Pleasure, Bella and Cameo Appearance;
  • Warm Neutrals – Include Coyote Tracks, Butterfly Wing and Ambient Glow; and
  • Gray Shades – Warmer than past grays, the company says that these neutrals remain important for 2019 and include Thunderstruck, Smooth Stone and Ancestral Water.

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