Smart Surfaces Coalition Launches


Late last week, more than 20 organizations announced the formation of the Smart Surfaces Coalition, a group dedicated to helping cities adopt cost-effective solutions to cut excess heat days and reduce flooding.

“The Smart Surfaces Coalition shows cities how to use advanced surface technologies to reduce heat and prevent flooding,” said Greg Kats, Smart Surfaces Coalition founder.

“These solutions deliver enormous health and financial benefits, slowing global warming, enhancing quality of life and saving taxpayers billions of dollars in energy costs.”

The Coalition is promoting technologies such as:

  • Cool roofs and pavements that reflect away sunlight;
  • Green roofs and trees that provide shade and reduce flood risk;
  • Solar PV that converts sunshine into electricity and provides shade; and
  • Porous pavements, sidewalks and roads that reduce flooding and cut the cost managing of storm water.

The Coalition is already reportedly working with a dozen cities and aims to help 250 cities begin implementing such surfaces as city policy by 2023.

Work with groups such as the American Institute of Architects and the U.S. Green Building Council, the organization is pulling from a recent report entitled “Delivering Urban Resilience,” which details four years of data collection greening cities.

The report outlines how much money would be saved by certain cities if these surface solutions were adopted.

“This work is so important because it is the first rigorous analysis of city-wide surfacing option to manage sun and water at scale,” said Mark Chambers, New York City’s Director of Sustainability.

“It quantifies for the first time many substantial benefits ‘smart surfaces’ and provides a compelling case that cities should move rapidly to adopt these inclusive climate solutions to design, upgrade and holistically manage our urban environments.”


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