Psychedelic Mexican Snake Complex Comes Alive


A giant serpent coils in the hills north of Mexico City, jaws agape, ready to spring to life—and now you can rent a room in its belly through Airbnb if you’re looking for an absolutely mythic experience.

Designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain, the Nido de Quetzalcóatl, or the Nest of Questzalcoatl, is a 10-home construction project kicked off in 1998, conforming along the tumultuous terrain through the body of a serpent.

Mythic Masterpiece

When construction was completed, the architect noticed that the buildings seemed to wind through the canyon, much like the feathered serpent form of the Aztec god Quetzalcóatl, a mix of the quetzal bird and rattlesnake, who governed the winds and the rain, and was the creator of the world and humankind. The Nest of Quetzalcoatl took its final form when one of the caverns was converted into a serpent’s head, with a rattle-like structure built at the other end.

The Nest of Quetzalcoatl extends beyond the residences, however: The 5,000-square-meter complex is also home to caves, ravines and canyons, along with other features that reflect Senosiain’s dedication to organic architecture. Bridges connect ravines, and fanciful benches dot the property.

A tunnel, built to resemble the head of a snail, leads to a greenhouse, located in an area known as the Flower Garden. Once the visitor walks into the shell of the snail—the heart of the space—stained-glass windows create a vibrant atmosphere. An open-air theater features terraced seating covered with grass, and the acoustics are reportedly high quality.

With a mind for greenery reflective of the emerald hue of the quetzal bird, Senosiain designed a system that uses rainwater to water the property’s gardens and woods. There is also a vegetable garden for residents to use. The Nest of Quetzalcoatl also doubles as a sanctuary for both flora and fauna.

One residence on the property is now available on Airbnb for $220 a night.


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