New Steel to Double Pipeline Service Life


In response to the demands of Russian oil fields and difficult accessibility, researchers based out of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS created a new steel grade called SeverCorr, which is both corrosion-resistant and made with improved mechanical characteristics.

SeverCorr will reportedly reduce environmental risks and the costs of oil extraction, especially in the fields of Western Siberia, where conditions of delivery can complicate pipeline repair and replacement.

New Steel Grade

“The development of new alloying schemes (adding impurities to the composition of the materials to improve the properties of the base material) and providing the necessary structural and phase steel composition to the production of rolled and sheet metal has become our main task," said Alexander Komissarov, a SeverCorr developer and a NUST MISIS research associate.

The introduction of metals such as chromium, copper and nickel into the liquid steel allows manufacturers to regulate the composition of the steel. SeverCorr technology will reduce both operating costs and environmental risks of oil extraction, according to the developers. This year’s plans include obtaining an international patent, with the developers proposing a guarantee that pipes manufactured with this technology will have double the life cycle of traditional alternatives.

To date, melting and smelting experiments have been conducted, and the technology has passed corrosion testing. Full-scale pilot tests are being prepared for launch at the West Siberian oil fields, which belong to Lukoil, Gazprom Neft and Irkutsk Oil Company.


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