Artist Studio Takes Viewers Inside Painting


An art studio, in collaboration with photographers, filmmakers and visual effects artists, has made a film that takes viewers “inside” a painting.

The studio, Prudence Cuming Associates, partnered with artist Damien Hirst, his studio, Science, and his current Gagosian Gallery exhibition in Los Angeles, entitled “The Veil of Paintings," for the small movie, which runs in conjunction with Hirst’s famous highly textured paintings.

The Video

"Having worked with Science and Gagosian for many years, we have always been interested in what technology can do to get the viewer closer to the artwork," said Stuart Trood, CEO of HENI, a company that Prudence Cuming Associates forms part of.

First, the artists had to create an exact digital replica of the painting’s surface, using a 4K-resolution camera to gather different angles of the painting to get the exact texture and shape of each dollop of paint.

The team then used visual effects software Flame to stitch together each shot and combined that with the use of animation software Cinema4D, which traced the journey of the camera.

"Our visual effects (VFX) creatives have yet again pushed the boundaries between reality and virtual reality, creating art inside art," said Trood.

"Our VFX creatives worked closely with Science on a storyboard that would transport the viewer gradually from the depths of an intriguing fantasy landscape, only pulling out at the end to reveal the whole painting.”

The exhibition and video are on display until April 14.


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