Contractors Sought for Elevated Tank Recoat


The City of Sioux Center is seeking contractors for repainting the North Elevated Storage Tank, located in Sioux Center, Iowa.

Bids are due March 8. The project is estimated at $360,000.

Scope of Work

This project involves abrasive blast-cleaning and recoating the interior and exterior surfaces of the existing 500,000-gallon elevated water storage tank.

Contractors will oversee abrasive blast-cleaning to Commercial standards (SSPC-SP 6) of interior dry tank surfaces. The dry interior will then be coated with a zinc-rich urethane primer, epoxy intermediate coat and epoxy finish coat.

Wet interior tank surfaces will be pressure-washed (3,500 psi) and power tool-cleaned to bare metal standards (SSPC-SP 11). The wet interior surfaces will then be coated with a zinc-rich urethane primer and epoxy top coat.

Exterior tank surfaces will be abrasive blast-cleaned to Commercial standards (SSPC-SP 6). Exterior surfaces will receive a zinc-rich urethane primer, acrylic-polyurethane intermediate coat and acrylic-polyurethane or fluropolymer-polyurethane finish coat. The owner-approved coating brand for tank surfaces is Tnemec.

The work also includes abrasive blast-cleaning/power tool-cleaning the concrete foundation surfaces. Cracks within the foundation will be filled with an epoxy system. The area between the steel base and the foundation will be caulked with an elastomeric sealant. The owner-approved brand for the sealant is Sika.

Contractors will also recoat the exterior surfaces of ductile iron piping.

Containment of abrasive blast debris is required.

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