R&D 100 Honors Coatings Innovations


The annual R&D 100 Awards, presented by R&D Magazine to honor innovative developments across a range of industries, recognized among its honorees this year several coating and adhesive products.

The honors, announced at the annual R&D 100 Conference, held Nov. 16-17, in Orlando, went to private companies and government labs working in fields from materials to pharmaceuticals and computer technology. They were chosen from a list of 500 finalists announced earlier this year.

Coatings and Chemicals

Rust-Oleum, owned by RPM Group, took home one award for its MetaPrime, a self-healing epoxy primer made for metal substrates. According to the company, MetaPrime maintains adhesion even after damage, and exhibits corrosion resistance.

Coatings manufacturer PPG was recognized with two awards. The company’s premium compact process primer, a coating used as part of its compact paint process for automotive original equipment manufacturers, brought home one award. The other went to Liquid Nails Fuze-It All Surface, a construction adhesive product released last year by PPG brand. Recommended for many surfaces, from concrete to glass and tile, the product offers instant bond and instant water resistance, according to the company.

General Motors and Forge Nano won an award together as codevelopers of ultrathin multifunctional hybrid coatings and processes. Forge Nano, formerly known as PneumatiCoat Technologies, specializes in nanocoatings and atomic film deposition, serving functions from corrosion resistance to electrical insulation or conduction.

The Dow Chemical Company, now a subsidiary of DowDuPont, was recognized with 10 awards, after having made the finalist list 20 times. Its winning innovations included the following.

  • Dow Corning TC-2022 Thermally Conductive Adhesive: This one-part thermally conductive heat-cure adhesive is designed, the company says, for use in the assembly of components for transportation, such as engine control units.
  • Ecoground Waterborne Acrylic Binder System: This acrylic adhesive is made for the construction of rubberized surfaces for playgrounds, running tracks, schools and other public facilities.
  • Syl-Off EM 7978 Coating: An emulsion-based silicone-release coating, this product is made for use in food packaging.

National Lab Developments

TruDesign LLC, a manufacturer specializing in composite and carbon-fiber materials, was honored for its development of a high-temperature coating and a high-build room-temperature coating for large-area additive manufacturing—that is, 3-D printing.

TruDesign/ORNL coating development
Oak RIdge National Laboratory

TruDesign LLC, a manufacturer specializing in composite and carbon-fiber materials, was honored for its development of a high-temperature coating and a high-build room-temperature coating for large-area additive manufacturing.

“Our coatings have been instrumental in the usability of large-format polymer-based additively manufactured tools and products by providing smooth surfaces and vacuum integrity for both room and high-temperature applications,” said TruDesign CEO Rick Spears.

TruDesign developed the coatings in conjunction with Polynt Composites and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

ORNL took home nine awards, many shared like the TruDesign honor. Also of note from ORNL:

  • Filler Materials for Welding and 3-D Printing: This development is designed to help control residual stress and distortion in structures that have been welded or constructed using additive manufacturing. “In the future, these materials could revitalize the nation’s aging infrastructure and help avoid the human, environmental and financial impacts of massive structural failures,” according to ORNL. This project was undertaken in partnership with the U.S. Army.
  • ACMZ Cast Aluminum Alloys: This is a new class of aluminum alloys the lab says can withstand temperatures nearly 100 degrees Celsius higher than what currently available commercial alloys can handle. The alloys, which the lab calls affordable and lightweight, were developed with Fiat Chrysler and Nemak U.S.A., for use in automobile engines.

Nonprofit Labs

Battelle Memorial Institute, a nonprofit that plays a management role at the national laboratories (including Oak Ridge) took home two awards of its own, one dealing with the assessment of pipelines. PipeAssess PI, a software developed at Battelle, performs modeling of pipelines to predict crack growth and estimate the remaining service life of the pipe.

And Southwest Research Institute, another major R&D nonprofit, also received honors for two developments.

The Smart Leak Detection system—known as SLED—uses an algorithm to analyze data from pipeline sensors, detecting small issues that could eventually lead to leaks, without the need for human input.

And as part of a contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, SwRI developed a High Power Impulse Plasma Source (HiPIPS) technology that it says “effectively generates coatings using high-density, high-flux plasmas at low temperatures and atmospheric pressures,” garnering another R&D 100 award. The innovation could be used for coatings on plastics and textiles, the organization says, and could be developed into an “environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating.”


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