Musk Announces World's Most Boring Hat


Billionaire and mastermind Elon Musk recently announced a new product that isn't quite as industrial as one might expect from the founder of The Boring Company.

Dubbed “the world’s most boring hat, the headwear is the first piece of merchandise to be released by the Musk’s recent venture.

The Boring Company

Musk hatched the idea to found The Boring company while stuck in a southern California traffic jam in December, firing off a series of tweets and promising he was "going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging."

Earlier this year, some time after the traffic jam incident, Musk noted that he had been having “promising conversations” with Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti about the prospect of tunnel boring. These conversations outlined the addition of an express train that would travel between L.A. International Airport and Union Station, which is a significant transit hub that connects L.A. and the suburbs.

More recently, Musk gained approval from authorities to build the first test tunnel for the electric vehicles, which will extend two miles westward, starting from SpaceX headquarters.

According to Newsweek, when asked by someone on Twitter if sales from the $20 hat were being put toward fundraising, Musk simply responded, “Gonna build that tunnel one hat at a time.”

According to Business Insider, those interested in purchasing the hat won’t have to pay for shipping. Musk himself reported over Twitter that there have been 6,400 hats ordered as of Thursday morning (Oct. 19).


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