Earthworm-Inspired Pavilion Created for Festival


The earthworm isn't often associated with a concert venue, but an architecture firm was challenged to bring that connection to life for a festival in Latvia.

Designed by Didzis Jaunzems Architecture, the circular, angled pavilion has metaphorical—and literal—windows into the life of an earthworm and its habitat. With a glowing pattern that appears on its black background, the pavilion evokes images of the underground world of the deep delver, signifying the creature that is this year’s mascot for the Nature Concert Hall festival.

Concert Hall Pavilion

For this project, the firm was tasked with creating space for six musicians that would be visible to an audience of around 10,000 people.

“Rather than just being a shelter and structure for light and sound equipment, the pavilion was supposed to also be a story teller," the architects said in an interview.

The pavilion is just over 45 feet long, angled at 45 degrees on a load-bearing structure that was designed both horizontally and vertically, according to the architects, as a structural grid of 8.2 feet by 8.2 feet by 8.2 feet. There are four floors in the pavilion, with a staircase hidden behind the facade.

All of the construction materials were locally sourced—the load-bearing framework is pine, and the flat front and floors are plywood.

With the face of the pavilion angled on its side, it acts like a projection screen, capturing the serpentine lightshows that played across its surface during the festival.

Each of the individual windows into the platform, which were covered by transparent mesh, made performers in these spaces appear as nothing more than silhouettes when light was projected from behind.

The choice of the transparent mesh for the windows both provided extra space for light projection, and the mesh itself could be rendered almost invisible when light was shown from behind the windows, creating the illusion that the performers are emerging out of the earth.

Nature Concert Hall

An event that focuses on using multimedia tools to educate festival-goers about the natural world, Nature Concert Hall is an annual event in Latvia, but changes locations every year.

Other than music, the festival also hosted talks from poets and scientists on sustainability, and put on interactive workshops in order to teach attendees about the earthworm.

Previous festival mascots have included the brown long-eared bat and the European fire-bellied toad.


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