New Product Aimed at Reducing Bug Holes


The Scofield Company (Los Angeles) has added to its line with what it says is a useful air detrainer, aimed at reducing bug holes and large air voids that would normally interfere with flooring.

The Ready-Mix Truck Defoamer is a blend of air release and detraining additives designed for use in concrete, mortar or cementitious overlay systems, the company says.

The product descriptions notes that the defoamer is both consistent enough for routine use in concrete mix designs, and also powerful enough to be used just for batch correction.

For regular use, the company recommends to use the defoamer as part of the original low-air mix design to develop easy-to-polish surfaces with minimal air voids and bug holes.

As a corrective additive, however, the company notes that when the product is added to already-prepared, high-air loads of concrete batches, the defoamer will begin to detrain air voids almost immediately—though rotational mixing for at least five minutes will be required.

The low-VOC and phosphate-free product comes in an 8-ounce plastic container that is designed to treat 10 yards of concrete, and is the most compatible with other Scofield products, the company says.

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