4MG Tank Recoat Awarded in MI


An award of $646,100 has been made by the City of Ann Arbor for the South Industrial Tank recoat. L&T Painting of Clinton Township will oversee the cleaning and coating of the existing 4 million-gallon ground storage tank in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The project was awarded to the second lowest bidder of nine, with L&T Painting’s winning bid including a base of $504,100 and the additional $142,000 for four elected alternates. The lowest bidder, MK Painting Inc., bid $436,500 (base) but failed to pre-qualify and as a result was not recommended by the engineer.

The Project bid May 22.

Scope of Work

L&T Painting will be responsible for the cleaning and coating of interior and exterior surfaces on the existing 4-million-gallon South Industrial ground storage tank, including the removal of existing interior coatings. The tank was last coated in 1996 using an epoxy system on the interior (applied over an SSPC-SP 10 Near-White blast) and a urethane system on the exterior (applied over an SSPC-SP 6 Commercial blast).

The awarded contractor will first oversee surface preparation to Near White (SSPC-SP 10) on the wet interior. Once the wet interior is cleaned from the roof to the high-water line, it will then be coated with a two-coat system of zinc primer and epoxy topcoat. After this is complete, the contractor will apply a three-coat zinc-epoxy system to the wet interior sidewall and floor. The pit piping will receive a two-coat epoxy system.

Once the interior wet surface has been cleaned and coated, Alternate No. 1 calls for the surface preparation and recoating of the tank’s existing exterior ($125,000). According to legislation details released by the owner, “by simply applying a top coat now, the city will delay the need for a complete repainting which includes abrasive blast cleaning, complete containment and a multi-coat system.”

Among the other alternates, Alternate No. 2 will involve the installation of cathodic clips and couplings for future installation of a cathodic protection system ($6,000) to extend the life of the coatings; Alternate No. 3 entails the installation of a new roof handrail at the edge of the roof, improving the safety of personnel near the access ladder ($4,500). The final Alternate, No. 4, requires the removal and replacement of the existing roof vent with a new frost-free, screened pressure roof vent ($6,500). This work is recommended by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and Alternates No. 2-4 should be completed prior to painting due to various welding and mentioned improvement work to the South Industrial Tank.

The owner-specified brand for the coatings is Tnemec, with no substitutions or equals allowed.

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