Primer Made for Corrosion Prevention


A new primer can assist with corrosion prevention in the industrial, marine and heavy equipment sectors, and its creator is marketing it to paint companies as a potential addition to their product lines.

Created by Raleigh-based primer producer EonCoat, the new corrosion prevention solution takes a different tack from traditional primers. Instead of adding phosphate and silicate as a substitute for oxygen atoms lost during corrosion, EonCoat chemically bonds with steel to form an alloy layer that corrosion cannot penetrate.

According to the company, the alloy layer created by EonCoat makes it impossible for corrosion causers such as oxygen and humidity to get behind the primer, even if the surface is gouged. Since the surface has become an alloy of stable oxides, it will no longer react to the environment. This means it cannot corrode.

Iron Phosphate Alloy

“The primer forms an iron phosphate alloy layer chemically bonded to the steel that prevents corrosion,” says Merrick Alpert, president of EonCoat.  “The result is that the primer’s phosphate volume, and consequently its anti-corrosive properties, is dozens of times greater than the phosphate-silicate load in typical primers.”

Additionally, Alpert went on to say, a tough phosphate ceramic layer that forms along the top of the alloy provides more protection from corrosion, along with impact and abrasion. This ceramic layer works like a phosphate reservoir, according to the company. It thickens the alloy layer over time. This makes EonCoat a primer that can prevent corrosion for decades, the firm says.

“Several multinational and regional paint manufacturers will begin offering EonCoat primer as part of a total anti-corrosion system by the end of the year to better serve their industrial customers,” Alpert said.

Compatible with a wide range of coating chemistries, the primer is available to paint companies as co-branded, private labeled or with a license to manufacture.

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