New Moisture Barrier Uses Nanotechnology


Coating company Arisfor LLC (Grove City, Pennsylvania) has teamed up with nanotechnology company Integricote (Houston) for its new Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer.

The company says that, because of the nanotechnology from the Integricote team, the new MSW forms a moisture barrier that integrates with the surface matieral, allowing it to provide protection against damage from water, acids and deicing salts.

According to the company’s press release, Integricote moved away from traditional sealing agents, already accumulating some notoriety for its solar panel coatings.

“Most sealing and coating formulations are polymer-based; they interact with the surface area they are designed to treat in a similar manner as paint, and will degrade under ultraviolet light over time,” said Shay Curran, professor of physics at the University of Houston and CEO of Integricote.

The nanotechnology binds the formula to concrete and masonry from the inside out, the company says, enabling the sealer to prevent corrosion, spalling and cracks caused by moisture, deicing salts and chemicals.

The spray-applied product is suited for commercial and residential use on building facades, parking lots, decks, driveways, curbs, loading docks and ramps, and concrete sidewalks and stairs. It can also be applied to tile, limestone granite, marble, slate and gravestones, the company notes.

The new Arisfor MSW formula aims to make the waterproofing process more efficient, needing only one coat and having a dry time of less than 30 minutes, according to the release.

The company also notes that, in contrast with the standard annual reapplication requirement, one application of Arisfor MSW could last from two to six years before reapplication is required.

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