New Offshore Coatings Focus on 'Splash Zone'


Global coatings company Hempel Group (Kongens Lyngby, Denmark) has launched two advanced coatings, which the firm says were specifically developed to protect the "splash zone" areas of offshore structures.

The splash zone is the area of an offshore asset, such as an oil and gas platform or a wind turbine, this is positioned just above the waterline. Because of that placement, it suffers from atmospheric and immersion-type corrosion, as well as abrasion and impact damageespecially in areas around boat landings.

“Prolonging the life of an offshore asset and reducing maintenance costs are key requirements for many of our customers,” Simon Daly, Hempel’s Oil and Gas Segment Manager, said in a press release. “Longer life also results in not having to put maintenance painting personnel in potentially hazardous situations.

“There are many products that have been developed to protect the splash zone, but we are bringing a different technology approach to the market that delivers enhanced protection with minimal environmental impact. Our products are easy to apply and hardness develops quickly during the curing process, which allows for quicker handling. This makes them ideally suited to pre-fabricated items.”

Coatings Upgrade

The company says its new coatingsHempadur Multistrength 35840 and 35842—are almost solvent-free and contain a higher percentage of reactive diluents instead of conventional solvents, which creates to cross-linking properties. (Cross-linking is a chemical reaction that helps harden the coating.) Hempel notes that this enhances the coatings’ resistance to corrosion.

The company adds that the two-component epoxy-based coatings are reinforced with overlapping glass flakes, which enhances water resistance and strengthens them against physical impact. Hempel says the two Hempadur Multistrength products’ high solids ratio of 99 percent and low VOC content are environmentally safe.

Hempel points out that it offers Hempadur Multistrength in two strengths to supply customers a choice of splash zone products that offer identical performance, but at different film thicknesses. The company notes that thinning a coating often increases the potential for solvent entrapment, which can result in poor appearance and sagging.

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Editor's note: The product numbers for the new Hempadur coatings were incorrectly rendered in an earlier version of this story. They are 35840 and 35842.


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