Manufacturing Innovation Cuts Production Step


An entire production step has been eliminated for paints and coatings manufacturers, according to specialty chemicals company Evonik (Germany).

By eliminating bead milling, the manufacturing process for Evonik’s Aerosil fumed silica products is reduced, the company says, noting that it cuts back on machine usage, processing time and costs.

“The innovation opens up the possibility of combining wetting and dispersion—two steps that, until now, were carried out in separate systems (dissolver and bead mill)—into one process step in the dissolver,” according to the press release.

The company uses the term “easy-to-disperse” (E2D) to describe the properties of the products that have been developed in this way.

The pilot phase is complete, which turned the familiar Aerosil R972 into the E2D VP RS 92, which is ready for sampling, the company says. The most important difference between the two is the measurement of particle-size distribution.

“Whereas the particle spectrum of the standard version of Aerosil R 972 is split into two fractions, the new process yields only one, the finer fraction,” the company said. “The elimination of coarse particles allows paints and coatings manufacturers to dispense with milling processes involving high shear forces (bead milling, for example).”

To test this, the original product was processed using the traditional bead-milling procedure while the experimental product was processed exclusively in the dissolver. All results—viscosity, shine, haze and depth of color were all within the margin of error with a significant reduction in processing time, according to the company.

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