Murals Show Transformative Effect


Murals in urban spaces often serve to uplift the surrounding community, and add some color to what might otherwise be a drab locale. But some go beyond that, truly changing everything about the area around them. Website Bored Panda recently compiled some of the most transformative pieces of street art in the world as a tribute to what a mural can do for a building and a neighborhood.

Examples of before-and-after images from the site include the following.

Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens,” a mural in Athens, Greece, by street artist Wild Drawing. A graffiti-covered corner building took on the image of an owl’s face in this piece by the Bali-born artist, who lives in Athens.

A 3-D mural in Poznan, Poland, created in 2015 to commemorate the town of Srodka. The mural transformed the blank wall of a three-story building into a three-dimensional representation of an old Polish neighborhood. For added effect, the town turned what had been a small parking lot in front of the mural wall into a public spaces with tables and chairs.

A 3-D piece in Budapest that turned a courtyard into something of an oasis, by depicting a sunny lake scene on the walls around it. Created by professional muralists Neopaint, a group established in 2010, the piece is part of a larger effort by the group to overhaul and add color to the appearance of the Hungarian capital.

Find the full list, with before-and-after photos, here.


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