New Admixture Made to Fight Bacteria


A new concrete admixture offered by BASF (Cleveland, OH) is designed to prevent biodeterioration through the use of an electrophysical antibactercial mechanism.

BASF’s MasterLife AMA 100 exhibits antimicrobial properties, according to the manufacturer, that make it a good fit for applications such as sewage and wastewater pipes and structures, where biodeterioration can lead to elevated maintenance needs.

“MasterLife AMA 100 admixture is one of the technologies that can extend the lifespan of sewage or wastewater concrete structures by disrupting the process that leads to microbial-induced corrosion,” said Kenneth Kruse, Industry Manager, BASF Admixture Systems.

How It Works

MasterLife AMA 100 is based on organosilane chemistry, the company says; it bonds to cement hydration products and ruptures the cell membrane of bacteria and other microorganisms on contact.

The admixture is mixed in during the batching process, BASF explains, and repeated contact with bacteria will not diminish the product’s antimicrobial properties.

The new product is part of the MasterLife line, a line of admixtures under BASF’s Master Builders Solutions brand that are made to address specific durability issues in concrete.

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