Anodizing, Coatings Expert Joins Chemeon


A business-to-business provider of metal surface engineering solutions has announced the hire of a new executive who will bring expertise in anodizing and conversion coatings to the firm.

Chemeon Surface Technology (former known as Metalast Surface Technology) named Dr. Sjon Westre as vice president of technology, it said.

The Minden, NV-based company touts Westre as an innovator and recognized subject matter expert in light metal finishing, with emphasis on anodizing and conversion coating solutions for the semiconductor and aerospace industries.

“We look forward to Dr. Westre leveraging his knowledge of environmentally responsible surface technology and his passion for innovation to focus on solutions for our global client base,” said CEO Madylon Meiling, Ph.D.

Meiling called Westre’s experience in the light metal finishing industry “unparalleled” and described his leadership style as “collaborative, process-focused, and analytical.”

“We are excited about Sjon’s expansion of the Chemeon R&D team, taking projects from innovation to commercialization, and exceeding expectations,” she added.

Chemistry Contributions

With a history reaching back to 1994, Chemeon offers a comprehensive line of metal finishing chemistry, training, and research and development services to surface finishing processors and manufacturers.

According to its website, it was the first chemical company licensed by the United States Department of Defense and U.S. Navy to commercialize and bring to market a replacement for the carcinogen hexavalent chromate via its MIL-SPEC QPD/QPL Hex Free/Trivalent Chromate Conversion Technology.

Chemeon chemistry serves needs ranging from cleaning, extending corrosion resistance, and sealing to improving paint adhesion and coating durability in industries such as aerospace, architectural, automotive, cookware, electronics, galvanized steel, heavy equipment, marine, medical, and military and defense.

Madylon Meiling, along with Executive Vice President and CFO Dean Meiling, reportedly bought the assets of Metalast International LLC in November 2013 and provided the company’s products to market under the name Metalast Surface Technology LLC until changing its name to Chemeon.

‘Innovation and Optimization’

In his new position, Westre will lead Chemeon’s development of environmentally responsible coating and seal alternatives to hexavalent chrome for use on light metals. 

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Westre's focus will include the creation and optimization of new conversion coating and anodizing chemistries and processes, development of analytical procedures, and management of the Chemeon Laboratory, Training Center and Technical Support Group.

His focus will include the creation and optimization of new conversion coating and anodizing chemistries and processes, development of analytical procedures, and management of the Chemeon Laboratory, Training Center and Technical Support Group.

Westre will also oversee the expansion of the Chemeon lab team to handle the growing demand for R&D of advanced corrosion protection surface technology, the company stated.

“I am excited for the opportunity to be part of the vision that the Meilings and Chemeon have set forth in the replacement of hexavalent chrome and other toxic chemical compounds,” Westre stated.  

“My past career work, involving the original development of the Trivalent Chrome Pretreatment Chemeon TCP-HF, and creating Chemeon’s training program, ‘Anodizing Best Practices and Troubleshooting,’ all provide a fast track to further innovation and optimization.”

Practical Experience

Westre received a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from The University of California at Davis (UCD) and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a physics minor from Cal State, Sacramento.

Before joining the Chemeon team, Westre spent 10 years as senior scientist for Modern Industries in Phoenix, where Chemeon chemistry and technology has been in use for a number for years.

Prior to that, Westre was technical director of Metalast International LLC, where his innovations included anodizing process development and QPL certification for its patented Trivalent Chrome Pretreatment, now known as Chemeon TCP-HF.

Earlier in his career, Westre was a research scientist at Mosaic Industries in Silicon Valley, where he developed custom hardware and software for trace gas detection instruments. He began his career as an analytical chemist at Analytical Associates, Inc. in Sacramento.

Westre has published numerous technical papers in the fields of molecular physics and analytical chemistry. He has also lectured at technical conferences and acted as an instructor for undergraduates at UCD.


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