Firm Seeks Coatings Assist on New Tech


A robotics startup is looking for a coatings industry partner to put its system to the test in a project conducive to automation.

Jacksonville, FL-based Apellix says it created its Worker Bee system specifically for industrial workplaces the provide services with tasks that could pose a danger to workers.

The coating, painting, cleaning and maintenance of large-scale infrastructure such as water towers, bridges, skyscrapers, oil and gas manufacturing facilities, and ships is risky and expensive, Appellix states, noting that climbers working on towers have a fatality rate that is 10 times that of construction workers.

In this demo of the Worker Bee technology, the drone is fully under computer control and is able to paint a line between two points while maintaining a consistent distance from the wall.

Its Worker Bee technology—described as an umbilically connected, software-controlled, robotic system—replaces human judgment with science, Apellix says. In this way, it can deliver improved worker safety as well as labor savings in the application of coating, painting or other sprayed materials (foam, chemicals, etc.), it adds.

Painting, Cleaning with Drones

Apellix CEO and Founder Robert Dahlstrom says the company’s proprietary, customized software enables drones to do things they’ve never done before.

“By combining interchangeable and easily upgradable high-tech hardware with leading edge software, our drones are able to paint buildings and towers, wash windows, safely apply chemicals and more,” Dahlstrom explains.

“We’d love to partner with a company that could benefit from the Worker Bee system, both in cost savings and worker safety,” he adds.

Industry partners would be expected to share their knowledge and technical expertise to work with Apellix to build a solution for their unique use case, he says.

Potential industry scenarios include but are not limited to:

  • Painting power transmission or telecommunication towers;
  • Cleaning, inspecting and coating the interior or exterior of above-ground storage tanks (ASTs);
  • Cleaning industrial equipment; and
  • Painting or coating bridges and ships.

The partnership could take the form of a collaborative agreement such as joint development or joint venture and include mutually developed budget and development milestones, Dahlstrom adds.

Interested parties can contact Bob Dahlstrom at 904-476-3798 or

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