New Green Standard Tackles Insulation


Environmental certification group Green Seal has announced a new standard to help consumers determine what architectural insulation products are best for the environment.

According to Green Seal, GS-54 covers numerous aspects of an insulation product’s relationship with the environment: effectiveness in keeping energy costs down, use of recycled materials, limits on hazardous chemicals, impact on global warming, and other factors. Health hazards during installation and use are also taken into consideration.

The standard deals with various forms of insulation, including blankets, boards, blow-in insulation, foams and reflective insulation, according to the nonprofit. Insulations made of many materials are covered.

Creating the Standard

The group says more than 40 entities were involved in crafting the standard. “These included representatives from the environmental, science, and health communities, industry trade groups, manufacturers, purchasers, government, NGO’s, and academia,” said Green Seal’s president and CEO, Arthur Weissman. “This level of involvement suggests there is a real need for this standard’s guidelines on what makes insulation products more sustainable.”

Green Seal certification
Green Seal

Products that meet GS-54 standards will be able to carry the Green Seal insignia.

Products that meet GS-54 standards will be able to carry the Green Seal, an insignia that tells consumers the product has met the group’s environmental-impact criteria. Green Seal says green claims in the insulation market are confusing and not completely standardizing, and offers the new standard as a way to make environmental impact easier to understand.

Getting Certified

The entire standard can be viewed here, and manufacturers can apply online to have their product certified. Single-product certification fees range from $3,500-$9,500 per product, depending on sales volume. The organization is also holding a webinar on Sept. 20 to discuss the standard.


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