SSPC Workshop to Tackle Moisture Challenges


Coating suppliers will be able to tout their specific brands as solutions to moisture problems in buildings as part of a workshop with an experimental format at SSPC 2017.

Durability + Design will sponsor the Commercial Coatings Committee workshop, “Coating and Water Repellents – Advantages and Disadvantages of Specific Brands,” at SSPC 2017, set for Jan. 30 to Feb. 2, 2017 in Tampa. Kenneth Trimber, chair of the SSPC Commercial Coatings Committee, will be the moderator for the workshop.

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Building owners and architects struggle with selecting the “best” coating or water repellent for the exterior of their concrete and masonry buildings. Even when they know the characteristics that are deemed to be most important to them, such as wind-driven rain resistance, permeance, color and gloss retention, compatibility and costs (both installed and life-cycle), making the final selections is still challenging because coating suppliers have very compelling data and statistics regarding the benefits of their specific brands compared to the competition. 

Unfortunately, this information is discussed one-on-one, behind closed doors, and industry seminars fall short in providing specific guidance because the presentations are restricted to generic discussions of products, even though individual brands within a given generic type often have unique and compelling differentiators.  

This workshop brings the discussions of the attributes of specific brands into the open so that owners, architects and contractors can make better informed decisions when selecting specific coatings or water repellents for their buildings.  

Workshop Format

The workshop will consist of two sessions. During the first session, coating and water repellent manufacturers will present the attributes of their materials, including costs and history of use. For consistency, the same format will be used for the presentations.

During the second session, the manufacturers will participate in a panel discussion. Specific building scenarios involving the use of paints and water repellents will be presented to the panel, both routine and challenging, and the manufacturers will discuss the benefits of their product(s) in addressing the needs. 

Attendees will also be encouraged to ask questions throughout the day. At the end of the workshop, the attendees will have a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of specific brands that are candidates for use on the exterior of their buildings.

Suppliers Invited

Suppliers interested in participating can get full details about the workshop here.

For more information, contact Sara Badami at


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