New Train Paint Claims Flame Resistance

FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2016

A new coating from Finnish firm Finnester Coatings claims it is able to protect train and subway cars from fire and smoke damage, conforming to new EU standards for fire safety.

The product, HybridRED, released earlier this year, was certified by Finland’s VTT Expert Services to comply with EN 45545-2 Hazard Level 3 standards, which deal with fire resistance and resistance to creating toxic smoke. Finnester also notes that the coating has anti-graffiti, anti-corrosion and anti-icing properties.

HybridRED is a solvent-based, high-solid system. According to Finnester, HybridRED uses ceramification to resist fire.

“When exposed to fire, hybridRED forms a ceramic shield which is stable—unlike the carbon foam formed by an intumescent system,” the company says on the product website. “HybridRED is closer to incombustibility than any other coating solution.”

Finnester says tests show the flame-retardant properties of HybridRED don’t break down when exposed to harsh weather elements.

HybridRED is a two-component system; Finnester suggests applying with a spray gun, but notes that the product can be apply with brushes or rollers instead. The company says the coating dries to tack-free in about an hour, and cures completely “within [a] few weeks at room temperature.”

Finnester suggests that, in addition to railcar use, HybridRED could find use in marine and other transport applications.

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