City Says Nude Kardashian Mural Must Go

MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2016

It seems city officials in Sydney, Australia aren’t fans of Kim Kardashian.

On Tuesday (March 22), they ordered the removal of a two-story tall nude mural of the reality-television star, just three days after it was painted on the side of a local restaurant, various news outlets report.

The mural, painted by Melbourne street artist “lushsux,” (also known as “Mark Walls”), was reportedly inspired by a recent selfie Kardashian posted to Instagram.

Complaint Sparks Removal

After a neighbor filed a complaint with the City of Sydney about the mural’s “content and color,” it was found that the restaurant owner, Zigi Ozeri, had apparently not submitted the necessary development application in advance of the installation.

The city gave Ozeri 14 days to remove the Kardashian mural. He and the artist could also be required to pay a $3,000 fine.

“Most new murals, including those commissioned by the City of Sydney, require development consent,” a council spokeswoman told The Guardian. “This ensures the property owner consents to the mural and there is consultation with neighbors about what’s proposed.”

Owner, Artist Respond

Ozeri told media outlets he was unhappy about directive from city council, saying the complaint represented a “narrow-minded approach” to art.

“[It’s because] she’s on the news, you know? ... Maybe [we should] put a bra and undies on her, and then see if Kim Kardashian still offends someone,” he told The Guardian.

Meanwhile, the street artist behind the mural referred to decision as “classic Sydney.”

“I guess a blank wall will soothe the souls of those who complained about it. Poor old Kim can’t catch a break,” Walls added.

It's not the artist's first time painting a nude Kardashian; he created another mural in Melbourne earlier in the month. That mural has been defaced, reports say.

Ozeri reportedly has no plans to challenge the council’s decision.

“Unfortunately they leave me no choice; I just have to remove it,” he said.

On the same day the Kardashian piece was painted and just a few steps away, Sydney street artist Scott Marsh, painted a mural of Kardashian’s husband, hip-hop star Kanye West. The mural, inspired by a meme, depicts the star kissing himself.  

As of Friday (March 25), no complaints had been issued about that mural.


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