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A Washington-based developer of breathable membrane systems for walls and roofs has announced the addition of two new accessories designed to provide superior building envelope ventilation at a minimal cost to contractors and consumers.

VaproShield has introduced VaproShims and VaproMat, products created with different project types in mind, according to the Gig Harbor-based manufacturer.

VaproShims are used under horizontal cladding attachment components to create a one-fourth inch vertical rain screen drainage plane. The design reportedly adds tremendous drying capacity to the building envelope without adding wall thickness, making it ideal for projects using traditional cladding types like metal panels, composite panels and wood siding, according to the company.

The product’s neoprene/EPDM composition reportedly seals fastener penetrations and is tested to the ASTM E331 standard against water penetration.

The product allows for the creation of a rain screen design behind almost any type of cladding, according to Lee Snyder, VaproShield’s managing partner.

By comparison, VaproMat, a lightweight, polypropylene drainage matrix with an integrated filter fabric, is designed to create a positive drainage cavity behind cementitious claddings that traditionally do not incorporate a rain screen cavity.


The VaproMat product is recommended for use with stucco or cultured stone cladding.

Recommended for use with stucco or cultured stone, the product comes in two depths (3 mm and 7 mm) and is further designed to keep the drainage cavity unobstructed during the lath and plaster installation for rapid drying of the building envelope and cementitious materials, according to the company.

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