Nozzle Jets Offer Wide Cleaning Path

MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2016

Industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment manufacturer Jetstream of Houston LLP has announced the release of a new rotary nozzle for surface cleaning operations.

The Jetstream Orbi-Jet X22 rotary nozzle is self-rotating and rated for pressures up to 22,000 psi, the company notes.

According to the company, the nozzle is able to provide the widest cleaning path in the industry because of the compound angles of its four jets.

“Each of the four rotating jets follows a different cleaning path to provide greater coverage and less streaking than a fan tip or single straight nozzle,” says product manager Lena Stoots. “Two jets can be used for a narrow path, and the other two jets can be used for a wide path. All four jets can be combined for a complete clean.”

Additionally, the nozzle features a lightweight Twis-Lok shroud designed for safer water displacement and to protect the nozzle from damage during operation, the company says.

A magnetic braking system controls rotational speed for minimal wear and maximum impact without streaking, it adds. The nozzle is safety colored for pressure recognition as well.

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