Reusable Marking Paint System Unveiled


Paints and coatings manufacturer Rust-Oleum has introduced a new product for the marking paint industry.

The company describes its new SpraySmart System as a reusable marking paint system that uses disposable, propellant-free paint pouches in a compression device.

Kelly Markle, product manager for Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands, says the system was developed with marking paint customers in mind and meant to help eliminate “expensive disposal costs” without changing existing procedures.

According to the company, the reusable compression device is able to empty up to 48 paint pouches when fully charged. It uses an electronic system meant to maintain spray pressure for a consistent, one-pass application in any weather condition, Rust-Oleum says, adding that the non-clogging paint tip sprays in any direction and on any substrate, including dirt and sand.

The SpraySmart paint pouches are custom designed to work with the reusable compression device, says Rust-Oleum, and allow for quick color change as well as, easy identification of paint color and amount remaining. Additionally, since the paint is propellant-free, the pouches ship without the same restrictions associated with other marking paint.

The compression device features a heavy-duty design and is able to fit into existing marking paint wands, the company says. The pouches are constructed of a clear, durable nylon material intended to stand up to tough handling as well.

When fully loaded, the company says, the lightweight device weighs no more than a full 20-ounce spray can.

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