Coatings Courses for Military, DoD Use


From corrosion prevention to chemical agent resistance, coatings professionals will have the opportunity to delve into a range of topics specific to military and Department of Defense applications at SSPC 2016 featuring GreenCOAT.

Running Jan. 18-21 in San Antonio, TX, this annual event from SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings is the only conference and exhibition dedicated exclusively to protective, marine, industrial and commercial coatings.

The full technical program for SSPC 2016 is available here.

Training Programs

Attendees can register for select training and certification programs to be held on site during the conference. Those of interest military and defense work:

  • Abrasive Blasting Program (C7)
  • Basics of Estimating Industrial Coatings Projects (EST)
  • Coating Application Specialist Certification Program (CAS)
  • Coating Application Specialist Refresher (CAS REF)
  • Developing an Effective Coating Specification (DEV CTG SPEC)
  • Evaluating Common Coating Contract Clauses (CONTRACT)
  • Inspection Planning and Documentation (INSPEC PLAN)Lead Paint Removal (C3)
  • Navigating NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32 (009-32)
  • NAVSEA Basic Paint Inspector (NBPI)
  • Quality Control Supervisor (QCS)
  • Using SSPC PA 2 Effectively (PA 2)
  • Spray Application Program (C12)

Registration for SSPC Training Courses must be done separately from SSPC 2016 conference registration. The deadline for registration for these classes is Dec. 18.

Technical Sessions

On Tuesday Jan. 19, Session 3: Defending Against Corrosion in the Military will include the following series of courses:

  • Translational Corrosion Science in Action, presented by Daniel Dunmire from the Department of Defense/LMI
  • Department of Navy Corrosion Control and Prevention Executive (DON CCPE) Overview, presented by Matthew Koch, Department of the Navy Corrosion Control & Prevention Executive, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research Development Test and Evaluation, and U.S. Marine Corps MARCORSYSCOM 
  • The Greatest Challenge in Corrosion Prevention and Control Is Apathy, delivered by Dr. Roger Hamerlinck of the U.S. Army Office of the Army CCPE
  • Impact- and Abrasive-Resistant Coatings and Overlays for Immersion Structures in Severe Environments, presented by Ryan Jeffrey from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Institutionalizing Corrosion Prevention and Control in the USAF, delivered by Jeffrey Nusser of the U.S. Air Force
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SSPC 2016 offers technical training presentations and committee meetings of interest to coatings professionals whose work involves military and defense work.

A mini session titled Coatings for Defense Applications, scheduled for Wednesday Jan. 20, will feature these classes:

  • Radar-Absorbing Materials for Defence Applications, presented by Dr. Andrew Amiet of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)
  • Chemical Agent-Resistant Coating (CARC) System for Military Vehicles, presented by Alex Piazza of Elzly Technology Corporation

Additionally, Wednesday’s programming includes Session 1: Protecting Ships and Marine Structures, Part I, which covers the following relevant subjects:

  • Standards, Training and Certification in the Marine Industry, presented by Earl Bowry PCS
  • Development of Materials and Process Metrics for High-Performance Abrasive Blast Surface Preparation, presented by Robert Kogler PCS and Laura Erickson, both from Rampart LLC
  • Surface Preparation & Coatings Panel 2016 Update, shared by Arcino Quiero Jr. of Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Using the Latest Digital Inspection Tools—NSRP Panel Project Final Report, presented by Joseph Walker of Elcometer

Session 1: Protecting Ships and Marine Structures, Part II, held on Thursday Jan. 21, includes these two sessions on related topics:

  • New Advances in Epoxy Protective Coatings, presented by James McCarthy of PPG Protective & Marine Coatings
  • Improvement of Weatherability for Epoxy Coatings on Marine Structures, presented by SangMoon Shin of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd

Committee Meetings

A number of committees have meetings scheduled on site during the conference as well. Those with content of interest to those in the military and defense industry include:

  • C.1.1 Zinc Rich  
  • C.1.5.F Coatings for Thermally Sensitive Surfaces
  • DOD Corrosion Prevention/Control TG
  • C.2.13 Location and Number of Soluble Salt Tests
  • C.2.14 Dehumidification
  • C.2.16 AB 3 Revision
  • C.2.3. Revision SSPC-SP 2 and SP 3
  • C.4.1 PA 5 Revision
  • C.7.3 SP Concrete  (SSPC)
  • C 7.6 Revision of SSPC-PA 7

For more information on these and other events at SSPC 2016 featuring GreenCOAT, visit


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