Florock Adds Kits, Colorants to Line


Crawford Laboratories Inc. has expanded its FloroCrete Cementitious Urethane flooring portfolio with new cove kits and colorants designed for food and beverage plants, commercial kitchens, and other manufacturing facilities.

FloroCrete Cove Kits and the FloroCrete Powdered Colorant line contribute to efficiency of projects in an age where construction and facility renovation schedules are tight and change orders are common, according to the company.

Cove Kits

The cove kits provide Florock Certified Contractors with the ability to create sanitary integral floor-to-wall cove bases for their FloroCrete flooring, the company says.

Prior to the availability of the new kits, installers were required to measure out the resins, thickeners and aggregates required to create the right consistency for vertical floor-to-wall cove base construction.

In contrast, each kit contains pre-measured liquids and aggregates needed to build 21 linear feet of 6-inch-high cove or 31¼ linear feet of 4-inch-high cove, the manufacturer says.

Powdered Colors

The new powdered colorants allow for quick jobsite tinting, enabling installers to easily accommodate a facility’s last minute request for a different colored floor, Crawford Industries says.

The colorants are available in bags of red, blue, green, grey and black, make tinting Neutral FloroCrete as convenient as adding one bag of colorant powder to one kit of cementitious urethane flooring—or 1/4 bag of colorant to each cove kit—and mixing, the company reports.

More information: www.florock.net.


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