Breezing through a Paint Job

FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015

MARANELLO, ITALY--What's the difference between vandalism and art?

About 150 mph, apparently. And a really good photographer.

Normally, luxury automakers like Ferrari don't volunteer their babies to be on the receiving end of massive amounts of spewed paint.

But apparently when famed Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner comes knocking, doors open—and paint flies.

Fabian Oefner built a network of paint-spewing pipes, loaded them with glow-in-the-dark paint, and let fly in a wind tunnel with a new Ferrari. Why not?

Oefner's website says the photographer visited Ferrari headquarters last summer in Maranello "to interpret the latest Ferrari Grand Tourer ... as an art form through his eyes."

(And through other parts of his person; he is also shown driving the car.)

After the visit, Oefner created a scale model of the car and experimented with different glow-in-the-dark paints. His plan was to blast paints at more than 150 mph in a wind tunnel lit by black light. Finally, he built his own paint-spraying piping for the project and let fly.

"The resulting video is an exploration of the essence of the California T," says the photographer.

"It encapsulates the pillars of purposeful design and perpetual innovation that are constants in the creation of all of Ferraris."

It also clearly encapsulated a lot of fun for Oefner, who watches the spectacle with a big grin.

Check it out.


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