What Millennials Want in a Home


HOUSTON—Millennials are finally expected to enter the housing market in the coming years, making homebuilders eager to learn what the new market wants.

Saddled with student loans and hit hard by the recession, the 20- to 37-year-olds have often delayed homeownership, according to housing experts.

However, rent prices are rising and more Millennials are ready to buy, experts say.

And what is it the younger buyers will want? Is it urban chic? McMansions? Cozy rooms?

No, no and no, says Scott Davis, regional director for Houston-based Metrostudy, a national housing research firm.

Davis has offered insight into the top three features the next generation of home-buyers is seeking, according to the Houston Business Journal.

Top Three Features

First, Davis said, the demographic wants a suburban lifestyle.

Experts predict Millennials will buy homes in suburbs with good schools, job growth and an increasing number of mixed-use urban-style projects, he said, according to the report.

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Millennials seek less maintenance along with energy-efficient technologies, Davis said.

Second, Millennials are looking for small, but high-quality, homes.

They are looking for less maintenance along with energy-efficient technologies, Davis noted.

Finally, the generation is looking for flexible spaces designed for entertaining.

Open floor plans, kitchens that open to living areas and large outdoor living spaces are a few examples, according to Davis.


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