Starship Boldly Lands in China

FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015

CHANGLE, CHINA—Attention Trekkies and lovers of science fiction, this is the spaceship, err… we mean office building, for you.

The headquarters for the online game development company NetDragon in Changle, China, is modeled after the USS Enterprise from the long-running American television series Star Trek.

hackthon via YouTube

Get out (of this world)! The headquarters for NetDragon, an online gaming development company, is a replica of the starship Enterprise.

The building is the only officially licensed Star Trek structure in the world, according to Las Vegas once toyed with the idea, but plans there were ultimately scrapped, reported.

Not a Joke

Reportedly NetDragon’s founder Liu Dejian is a devoted fan of the program. He worked with CBS to secure the rights for the replica project, reports note.

“That was their [CBS'] first time dealing with issue like this and at first they thought it was a joke,” a NetDragon spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal.

“They realized somebody in China actually did want to work out a building modeled on the USS Enterprise only after we sent the relevant legal documents.”

Construction began in 2008 and ended in 2014. Reports vary on the project cost, some say $96 million, others, $160 million.

The six-story building is elevated on several columns appearing as though it has landed in the middle of a field for repairs, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Want to discover the starship for yourself? Visit Google Maps or take a Drone tour.


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