Paint Truck Explodes on Highway

THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015

STAVROPOL, RUSSIA—A dramatic video showing the massive explosion of a paint truck on a Russian highway is grabbing attention, but providing few answers, worldwide.

The truck, reportedly carrying acrylic solvents, caught fire on a road Tuesday (May 12) afternoon in Stavropol, in southwest Russia.

The fire, captured by the dashcam of a passing motorist, triggered a blast and shockwave that knocked one victim nearly 40 feet. A fireball from the blaze "shot 100 [meters] into the air," 9News reported from Sydney, Australia.


Reports said two people had been injured, including one who had been filming the accident. A report of six other casualties could not be confirmed.

The short video ends with a view of the devastated truck's skeleton.

Fates Unknown

The fate of the truck's occupants and those nearby remained unclear. Reports were few, and were mostly in Russian.

Several reports said two people had been injured, including the man launched by the shockwave. World News 24/7 reported six additional victims treated for "symptoms of poisoning from the paint fumes."

Reports said the man thrown by the blast had been filming the incident from his house.

The Australian report said two people in the truck had been injured as well as six other people nearby, but the other victims could not be confirmed.

The UK's Daily Mirror quoted a paramedic who said the man filming the incident had been hospitalized with second-degree burns and a concussion.


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