A Pipeline Plan from the Star Trek Man

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015

SUNNYVALE, CA—He's famously run a starship and doled out hotel deals, but now William Shatner has a new role: Pipeline Negotiator.

That's right, the 84-year-old actor, known for his portrayal of Capt. James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek television series and as the spokesman for Priceline.com, wants to build a pipeline to fix California's devastating drought.

In an interview with Yahoo! Tech, Shatner announced his desire to start a $30 billion Kickstarter campaign to build a pipeline to transport water from Seattle to California along Interstate 5.

In an interview with Yahoo! Tech, Shatner announced his desire to build a water pipeline from Seattle to California to solve the state's drought. Watch the video here.

"California's in the midst of a 4-year-old drought," Shatner said. "They tell us there's a year's supply of water left. If it doesn't rain next year, what do 20 million people in the breadbasket of the world do?"

Raising Awareness

"In a place that's the fifth largest GDP—if California were a country, it'd be fifth in line—we're about to be arid! What do you do about it?

"How bad would it be to get a large, 4-foot pipeline, keep it aboveground—because if it leaks, you're irrigating!" Shatner said.

Even if he doesn't raise the money, Shatner said he will at least raise awareness about the severity of the drought.

(Although an actual Kickstarter campaign has yet to be launched, Shatner said he likes the idea of utilizing crowdfunding and social media.)

"If I don't make $30 billion, I'll give the money to a politician who says, 'I'll build it.' Obviously, it's to raise awareness that something more than just closing your tap ... so why not a pipeline?"

"I have a drinking problem. I've become addicted to water," Shatner told Fox 11 Los Angeles.

Major engineering solutions could be implemented, outside of the pipeline idea, he suggested in an interview with Fox 11 Los Angeles. For example, existing water lines could be insulated and repaired to address leaks and bursts.

Shatner has now launched a website to further the conversation: ShatnersWater.org.


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